What is Collectorism?

Collectorism is a place where you can showcase your collection and the passion behind it. There’s no need to pay a fortune to have your own website anymore. It’s a place to meet fellow collectors without having the trouble of traveling to distant conferences or fairs. A platform that allows you to swap your items with anyone from anywhere in the world. A chance to acquire new items every day!

Collectorism is the world’s largest collectors club. And the best thing? It’s FREE to join!

Key Features

Exchange Room

Vast selection


Unlimited options

Get what’s missing from your collection!

Find, select and swap collectibles using our simple drag & drop system. Communicating with collectors, sending, accepting or modifying offers are quick and user-friendly. Select the item, or items of your choice, together with items you want to give in exchange – it’s that easy. There are no fees and no difficulties.

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Browse thousands of items!

With our pre-registration already running, thousands of collectibles will already be online when Collectorism opens in the summer. Categories range from coins to stamps, toys to bookplates, sports memorabilia to comics and many more. Find items you like, get in touch with other collectors, discover interesting objects and their stories.

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Sign up for free!

No registration fee and no ads. There is nothing to distract you from what we all love the most – exploring and exchanging collectibles, interacting with fellow collectors from all over the world.

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Discover items you couldn’t find anywhere else!

Search for items, browse collections, set up templates specific to your interest and create a favourite. Our system provides you with unlimited possibilities. It is easy to get lost in the endless stream of collectibles. No matter if you are looking for a certain object or different items with the same theme, you will find them on Collectorism.

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Planned Packages

  • Unlimited items for exchange
  • Unlimited offers sent at a time
  • Free

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Meet our team

Dávid Kováts

CEO and Founder

David spent 15 years in the art business before founding Collectorism. He ran his own gallery in Budapest where he introduced major international artists to Hungarian collectors. Earned his Master’s Degree in London and spent years working for Sotheby’s where he managed valuations of important European public and private collections.

Károly Szabó

Károly Szabó

Károly Szabó LinkedIn profileKároly Szabó LinkedIn profile


Karoly is a book dealer and art collector. He’s been active in the art business for 28 years focusing on works on paper. He was an auctioneer for several important auction houses as well as the organizer of major specialized sales. His contemporary photograph collection is well known in the international art world. Currently spends his time in Budapest and Lisbon.

Tony Fekete

Tony Fekete

Tony Fekete LinkedIn profileTony Fekete LinkedIn profile


Tony is an internationally-recognized collector of books who has also spent his career working in banks and financial services companies in many parts of the world. He is currently an entrepreneur but previously worked for Citibank, General Electric and MasterCard. Tony recently successfully sold part of his library at an auction at Christie's in London. He lives in Germany and Hungary and speaks eight languages.

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