15 Basketball Cards Any Collector Will Recognize

Sports is essentially the world’s biggest pastime. So people has generously expanded their interest by collecting sports cards. Baseball has been in the forefront of such endeavors but soon enough –with shrewd marketing strategies and the rise of cable TV, basketball slowly gained popularity and trading/collecting hoops cards caught on in notoriety as well.

Of course, not all cards are created equal, pretty much like our favorite hardwood heroes differ in skill and personality. As hobbyists gorge on cards of superstars like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Michael Jordan, they ultimately realize the value of such a collection, especially when you have in possession the rarest and most unique cards in existence.

Below are 15 basketball cards that any serious collector readily recognizes. Or in absolute best case scenarios, the majority of these may already be in their hands as crowned jewels of their collection.

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Great moments in comic history every collector should know

The comic book industry has become big business.
In 2000 domestic sales of the comics and graphic novels amounted to an estimated $265 million. Not bad? Well, fast forward sixteen years to the present day and that figure is now a whopping $870 million.

This is mainly due to the rise of the “superhero movie” craze beginning with X-men (2000) and Spiderman (2001). But let’s not give the films all the credit. The superhero’s natural habitat, the comic, has made some amazing strides itself in the past 100 years.

Today we will be looking at some of the most important moments over the past century and the comic books that highlight them.
Some of the comics will be impossible to collect unless you have the financial pulling power of a small country, but some you can pick up if you have a bit of cash and luck on your side.

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Interview with PikaBelleChu – one of the most iconic collectors alive

I was browsing on Twitter when I came across a certain profile. I looked at the tweets and picture this certain individual posted. It blew my mind! And I’m not overstating.


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Why We Love Collecting (With Fun Facts)

Remember when you were just a kid and collected basically anything you’ve found?

Like toys(car toys or action figures),napkins,stamps but even just old pieces of paper that made you remember of something.

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18 Creative & Fun Ways to Use Beer Bottle Caps (Without Damaging the Top)

Us collectors know: just by looking at our bottle cap collection, we can boost our mood levels. It’s not easy to look at them though, when the collection is lying at the bottom of a drawer.

That’s why we collected 18 awesome ways to showcase a part of your collection with a little do-it-yourself work.

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Diplomatic Aviation

Yes. I’m serious. This is not a mistake. This week I’m presenting you a simple air-ticket. Continue reading

Bayros – A Gyüjtő különszáma (Collector’s special edition)

There are those items we never swap, never sell, and if possible, never even let out of our hands… Continue reading

The story of my butterflies

Budapest, 23 July 2015. The hottest day of the year. There’s no escape, no shadows, no places to chill down. The only solution is to reach Zoltan’s place as soon as possible. I learned that he had bought a big collection of Judaica. In similar situations, he never leaves home until doing research on every item, until getting acquainted with each of them. In such a case he even excuses one for coming late. Maybe there, at his house, I can find a bit of calm. Air conditioning. And the butterflies… Continue reading

Where are we now?

We are living fantastic times, since our Landing Page opened at the beginning of this Summer. Hundreds of collectors applied already in the first days, from all over the world. This unexpectedly high interest filled us with enormous joy, but also meant a bigger challenge. Continue reading

Meet our team – Karoly Szabo

My business career started in 1988 in Budapest, at one of the biggest and oldest antique book shops of Central Europe, the Kozponti Antikvarium. At that time it was one of the most important book dealing centers, where professional work had started way before World War II and was reaching its peak of expertise. Continue reading

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