Us collectors know: just by looking at our bottle cap collection, we can boost our mood levels. It’s not easy to look at them though, when the collection is lying at the bottom of a drawer.

That’s why we collected 18 awesome ways to showcase a part of your collection with a little do-it-yourself work.

1. Fridge Magnets


beer cap fridge magnets

Image source: Crafthubs


Magnets and Super Glue are relatively cheap, especially when it comes to making your own fridge magnets. With a protective backing as well, you don’t need to worry about these scratching your fridge.

Pick up as many magnets as you need and embrace those picture memories on your fridges!


2. Wind Chimes for Indoors or Outdoors


wind chimes from beer bottle caps

Image source: Pinterest


Creating a wind chime out of beer bottle caps is pretty creative, huh? To make an impressive wind chime, you’ll need to have around 70 bottle caps. I know some of you might have dozens of the same ones, which is perfect.

The bottle caps will need two small holes drilling into the sides. All you’ll need is your bottle caps, some strong metal wire, a centre piece and a piercing tool.


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3. Bottle Cap Collectors Mirror


bottle cap collectors mirror

Image source: Pinterest


Bottle caps as you might know, are more than just drink toppers! Why don’t you turn a simple mirror into a creative piece of wall art? If you’ve been collecting your caps and they’ve been lying in a box, wipe off the dust and start show-casing them!

If you own a bar or a studio, these will look great on your walls. All you will need to do this is a round mirror, a multi-surface adhesive and bottle caps.


4. Bottle Top Coasters


bottle top coasters

Image source: Snapguide


These coasters go great in basements and man caves, without a doubt. These are also popular amongst bar owners who like to add a little edge. If you’ve got another poker game coming up, be sure to bring these with you.

They can also be used to replace standard glass mats as these will protect the table better. All you’ll need is a Cork Board, which you can get from Amazon. Mettle bottle caps, Strong Glue Gun (Hot Glue Gun is preferred) and some pennies.


5. Beer Cap Poker Table


beer cap poker table

Image source: Build Your Own Poker Tables


Okay, poker fuelled ideas going on here. If you’re a proud collector of bottle caps, be sure to put them to good use at your next poker game.

Caps don’t have to be flattened or damaged; they can simply be used just as they are under a glass surface.


6. Create a Bottle Top Clock from Scratch


bottle top clock

Image source: Pinterest


This is a brilliant idea if you’re looking for a new creative challenge or, you’re looking for something that is more than just the ordinary clock. All you’ll need is a wooden clock face, the size depends on how big you want the clock to be.

You’ll also need Clock Movement, Hot Glue Gun, Brass Clock Hands and of course, a battery. If you want to decorate the clock, go ahead and opt for some Acrylic Paint also.


7. Vamp Up Your Chalk Boards


beer cap chalk boards

Image source: Whiskeyriff


Why should chalk boards just be black and white?

Whether you have them lying around the house or you’re a café/pub owner, this is a brilliant idea in terms of getting creative. All you will need is a hot glue gun and your bottle tops!


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8. Make use of Glass Tables!


glass table with bottle caps

Image source: Bestbartopepoxy


If you have a glass table at home, this is a perfect idea to showcase your collection of bottle tops. The best part about this craft is that no glue gun is involved.

In the picture above, you can see how they’re all sitting nicely together. This is brilliant way of decorating tables for mancaves and pubs.


9. Beer Bottle Top Frames


beer bottle photo frame

Image source: The Odussey Online


If you have some photo frames lying around and they are simple frames with no decorations, then these are great to get creative with.

These are also perfect gifts for your partner or friends that also enjoy a few bevvies. All you’ll need is some strong adhesive glue and a photo frame.


10. Create a Map


Image source: Beer Cap Maps


If you’re looking for some wall inspiration on how you can showcase your bottle tops, a handmade map might just be the one for you. All you’ll need is wooden slab, make this as a small or large as you like, Bottle Tops & A Hot Glue Gun.

Not only do these look great around the house, but you could also make a hobby out of this. How many of your local breweries would like one of these on the wall? I guarantee a lot.


11. Beer Top Wall Letters


bottle cap wall letters

Image source: Pinterest


Wall Letters look great around the house, but more importantly, they look good in every single room! If you already have these in the house, you’re on your way to a cost effective creation here.

If you haven’t got them lying around, not to worry – search for them online or head into your local home ware store. I can guarantee you’ll possibly find them cheaper online though. All you’ll need then is the famous Hot Glue Gun & some Beer Bottle Caps.


12. Beer Buckets


beer bucket

Image source: Pinterest


We might have slipped through the Summer period now, but these always come in handy and can always be brought out for the next sunny day. If you have a wooden bucket, plastic, mosaic or a metal one and it’s not being used, turn it into your next creative craft.

On metal, you will need to use magnets instead of glue, but all other surfaces will work well with strong adhesive glue. Once finished, these beer buckets look awesome because they’re so unique. You never know, you could start selling them.


13. Beer Cap Earrings


beer cap earrings

Image source: Pinterest


Yes, for the ladies – you can make these awesome earrings. Don’t worry, these caps are not going to cut you. You will need to pad the sharp edges with cotton or something else that is subtle but which also protects the skin. Either way, once that’s done – these are pretty cool and certainly out of the ordinary.


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14. Bottle Cap Christmas Baubles


beer cap christmas baubles

Image source: Lifepopper


The Christmas season is fast approaching, why not make Christmas a little less expensive this year. Okay so Baubles are great, and they aren’t that expensive depending on the brand. Yet they mean nothing to us, they are just decorations.

If you’ve got multiple duplicates of beer bottle caps, turn them into baubles for this year’s tree! All you’ll need is an object to place a small hole through the side of the cap and some strong metal wire which will bend into shape.


15. Wall Mountings Made From Bottle Caps


beer cap turtle wall hanging

Image source: Pinterest


Who doesn’t love turtles, right? In fact, who doesn’t love animals? If you’ve got a nice collection of green bottle caps, the more green shades the better – you can create a pretty good looking turtle figure.

If you’ve got different shades or browns and oranges – create a lion and so on… The possibilities are endless and all you need is your bottle caps, strong adhesive glue and a wooden slab for your wall piece.


16. Christmas Wreaths


beer cap christmas wreaths

Image source: Recycled Things


Tis the season to be jolly… at Christmas time, so many beer bottle caps are thrown away, whilst you might want to keep your close knit collection in one piece, don’t recycle the other ones! These Christmas wreaths look great around the house.

You can either make a small one or a large one, either way you can put them away and bring them out year after year.


17. Bottle Cap Flowers


bottle cap flowers

Image source: Pinterest


You cannot beat the fresh smell of flowers, well, you can if you’re allergic to the pollen, but this craft is perfect for you if that’s the case. These cap flowers look so good whether you want them indoors or outdoors, they’re very easy to make.


18. Beer Cap Lampshade


beer cap lampshade

Image source: Pinterest


Okay, the light bulb itself is not made from bottle caps, but check out the design. This craft is perfect if you have duplicate caps lying around.

As you can see in the picture, you could even use a favourite beer bottle for the stand, just be careful on how big you’re going to hang the caps for because you wouldn’t want your hard work to topple over and break.


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